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It’s hard to feel at home in a property that was built with somebody else in mind. Redesigning your house can be a daunting prospect, but the right architect truly does make all the difference.

Pritpal Chana Architects is a residential architecture specialist operating in the West Midlands. We devise creative solutions that bring your vision to life and ensure the finished product works for everyone using it. Whether you’re dealing with an outdated design, a lack of usable space or want something that reflects your unique tastes, Pritpal Chana Architects can help you realise everything you want from your home.

What We Offer


Anything is possible…

We undertake a full design consultation with each of our clients to ensure the best design solution is provided. We feel that no budget is too small and work with any constraints.


Not sure what the best solution is?

We use feasibility studies to help explore the potential of a property or site in a cost effective manner. By using our expertise, we explore design options tailored to suit your individual requirements.


Have a contentious scheme?

We produce pre-application documents and encourage our clients to undertake free pre-application advice from their Council to ensure our planning applications gain consent.


Need planning permission?

Our vast expertise and knowledge of the planning process alongside the quality designs we provide, help us maximise the chance of gaining you planning consent.


Is it built correctly?

Building Regulations apply to most building work and are the are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. We ensure your building full complies with the latest regulations.


Builder only giving a cost estimate?

We offer all our clients an enhanced set of drawings with tender / construction level information ensuring your builder can give you a more accurate quote.

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About Pritpal Chana Architects

Pritpal Chana Architects was founded by award-winning architect Pritpal Chana, who previously worked for a large international practice in Central London. Now, he is bringing his invaluable expertise to schemes in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

We pride ourselves on bringing fresh ideas to the table that realise your architectural ambitions in the most efficient way possible. Pritpal Chana Architects is the expertise and our clients are the inspiration.